Product Literature

The biggest menace it today’s homes, industries and business establishments is unseen and often undetected – GERMS:

The Solution

sc_logo   a food grade odor eliminator and disinfectant in one with exceptional microbioligical effectiveness even in hard water.

Dillution Per Organism

Treatment Solution Dillution Remarks
General Usage / Odor Eliminator 1ltr. 200 ltrs. 5ml/ltr.
E. Coli Treatment 1ltr. 612 ltrs. @1.6 g/L
Streptococcus Treatment 1ltr. 5000 ltrs. @0.2 g/L
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 1ltr. 125 ltrs. @5.57 g/L
Staphylococus Treatment 1ltr. 20,000 ltrs. @0.05 g/L
Ralstomia Solanacearum (Banana MOKO Diseases) 1ltr. 80 ltrs. @12 ml/L

*NO CONTACT TIME* : The effective dillution is 40ml SCHINTICIDE per gallon of water.